Thursday, April 29, 2010

Tomorrow is April 30th and still I have no clue of my future plans. Graduation is May 15th and I am SICK AND TIRED of hearing.. "Sooo what are you doing after graduation"... See I'm the type of person that likes to have a plan.. And I don't right now so it's really bothering me. The internships I've applied for aren't due till tomorrow.. and they said we wouldn't find out if we got it till the FIRST WEEK OF JUNE.. So I have to wait a whole month!!!!! I'm trying really hard not to pull the hair I do have out.. but when your young you watch all these movies you in vision.. School..School...more school and a good job right after NOT!!! It's harder than you think people.. I'm a little disappointed.. but I'm going to continue to apply for as much jobs as I can.. Until next time I'm still working to get Closer to my Dreams


Julie Santen said...

I'm sure something will come up! you're a great reporter/anchor! In due time something awesome will come to you. Good luck!

Jbay88 said...

Awww Thanks Julie.. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!!!